Success Stories

Sarah Porter

Sarah was our first student at RCT in 2013. She is from USA and had been in South Africa to be with her husband.  At the time she joined RCT, Sarah had just enrolled for a medical degree at an American university. She needed someone to teach her Calculus 1. While checking on Gumtree she came across our advert and contacted us. We had run the advert for almost a month and she was the first person to respond to it.Sarah registered and attended lessons from March to May 2013. She proceeded to write her calculus1 exam at UCT and scored 80%. Our pioneer student scoring such an excellent result was such an awesome experience that motivated us to call for more students and get the college to grow. Sarah is still studying towards her medical degree at University of California Berkeley in USA. She had this to say about RCT:

“Thank you Ruziwo for all your help with my Calculus 1 class! With your help I am feeling much more confident and my marks have improved considerably. You have gone above and beyond for each session (preparing beforehand, staying longer, giving extra homework to practice new concepts, responding to emails quickly, etc.). I am grateful to you”.


Prince Ruhode

Prince is an amazing young man. When he joined RCT on 1 May 2013, he was in grade 9 at Groote Schuur High School. He was the second student to enroll at RCT. His father had lost all hope of improvement in his maths marks. When he visited us he expressed frustration and despair at Prince’s lack of progress in maths. He had tried to help him at home but it had not brought any positive results.We assured Dr Ruhode that Prince will get back on his feet and excel in the subject. After a month of attending extra maths lessons, Prince went on to write a maths test at his school. He amazed his teacher and classmates when he scored 100% in the test. Dr Ruhode was very surprised and impressed. He had this to say:

You guys at Ruziwo are wonderful. I cannot explain how you do it. But my son is now a genius. Believe me, I am telling people with confidence that my son can enter Medical School. Prince is in Grade 9 now and the more he attends extra classes at Ruziwo Cambridge Tutors, the greater my hopes for Medical School. I am truly encouraged. Keep this up ladies and gentlemen. I wish more parents and kids would know about you.”                                  

Prince continued to attend maths and science Lessons at RCT in Mowbray – Cape town, until his family relocated to Parklands. He is now in Matric and doing very well. Well done Dr Ruhode for sending Prince for extra lessons early in his High school life.  Dr Ruhode can be contacted on 0728026329 or


Tanaka Chafesuka

Tanaka was our first A level student. She joined RCT in June 2013 and registered for Cambridge Maths, Chemistry and Biology. She worked very hard and wrote exams in all three subjects in June 2014. Our joy was ignited again when she made us proud by passing all 3 subjects.  She plans on pursuing a medical program.  _____________________________________________________________

Patricia Carmen Garcia

Patricia  joined RCT in August 2013. She was in grade 11 at Camps Bay High school and she needed extra tuition in Business s Studies.  Patricia was also doing maths Literacy at school.  She did not really like the subject  since it would  limit her options when choosing a career. We encouraged   her to join our Cambridge O level Maths class. She was happy  to take up the challenge. We gave her lots of motivation and her love for pure Maths grew each day. Patricia wrote her O level Maths exams in Nov 2014 and passed . She also passed her Matric including Business studies which she got a distinction.


Thami Shange

Thami came all the way from Durban to study at RCT  in Cape town. He needed extra help in two of his Cambridge AS Level subjects that he had not passed  the previous year. His father secured  him accommodation while he pursued his studies at RCT. Thami felt, right from the first day, that RCT was the right place that would prepare him well for University. His ambition was to pursue a career in accounting. He enrolled for Biology and Accounting and started his revision classes in February 2015. Thami wrote his Cambridge AS Level exams in June of the same year and scooped a distinction in Accounting and a pass in Biology. Thami is now studying for a Bcom degree in  Accounting at Rhodes University. He can be contacted on 0736872913


Zahira Meyburg-Majiet

Zahira enrolled at RCT in February 2014. She had been out of formal school a while back having done only grade 10. Prior to joining RCT, Zahira had been incorrectly advised to do A-level only to qualify for university. She studied History and Sociology on her own and passed. When she applied to go to university, she was not accepted because she did not have O-level or IGCSE. She needed to have passed 5 O- level subjects in addition to the two A-levels subjects in order to qualify. Zahira then came to RCT and registered to study Maths, English, Physics, chemistry and Biology at O-Level. Zahira wrote her O level Cambridge exams in November 2014. She passed all five subjects with two distinctions and three merits.We were truly inspired. She is now studying for a BSc Degree at the University of Cape Town.  Zahira can be contacted on 0829663870 or


Jesca Simon

Jesca joined RCT in February 2015. She initially completed her O-Level in 2007 in Zimbabwe but did not pass most of her subjects. Jesca enrolled for mathematics and accounts. She had never done accounts during her school days. Jesca was able to learn, understand and retain all the principles of accounts in just under eight months. Jesca wrote her Cambridge exams in November 2015. She achieved a B in accounts and a C in mathematics. When she came to collect her results, Jesca could barely hide her joy, disbelief and excitement. She had indeed worked very hard to achieve these good results. She also owed her success in accounts to her excellent tutor –  Mary  who knows how to hit the nail on the head and wastes no time, but teaches the right content within the shortest possible time available.  Jesca is still studying at RCT. She would like to pursue a tertiary program in nursing science after she passes all the relevant O level subjects. She can be contacted on 0849539480 ______________________________________________________________

Praise Chitumba

Praise is a very forward thinking and hardworking young man. He joined RCT in the second half of 2015 and registered for Cambridge AS Maths, Physics and Chemistry. He worked diligently and made us very proud when he got distinctions in Maths and Physics. Praise is pursuing a BSc degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Cape town. He can be contacted on 0835243642